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Tips For Using Your Garage Overhead Storage Space Efficiently

Jan 25

Using the ceiling space in your garage as a storage place is a terrific method to keep it clutter-free. In most garages, the vertical space is underutilized.

But, what are the greatest garage overhead storage systems, and how can you make the most of this space? These seven garage overhead storage techniques can help you make the most of your precious storage space.


Select the appropriate overhead garage storage system

The most crucial of our garage overhead storage suggestions is to begin by selecting the appropriate garage overhead storage solution. Determine the purpose of the overhead storage space and choose a storage solution that meets your needs. Everything else about garage overhead storage gets a lot simpler after that.

Heavier, bulkier things are often stored in garage overhead storage. As a result, you'll need heavy-duty storage racks that can perform the job, are well-made, and can withstand a rigorous garage climate for many years. Garage Living sells tire racks that attach to the wall. Tires and other bulkier objects may be housed in our overhead storage racks, which have the following features:

  • Up to 600 lbs is securely supported by the racking's thick gauge steel structure powder-coated paint finish to boost the racking's endurance. Available in 28,000, 36,000, 38,000, 44,000, 46,000, and 48,000 foot sizes.
  • Rack height may be adjusted up to 45′′ for more storage options.


Use your garage overhead storage to keep the proper goods.

Garage overhead storage is perfect for keeping a variety of objects that are better off up in the air than on the garage floor, which may prohibit you from parking. One of the finest applications for overhead racking is to store out-of-season commodities that aren't needed for a long time.

Lawnmowers, snowblowers, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, shovels, and rakes are among the property care tools and equipment included.

Patio furniture, automobile roof racks, athletic and camping equipment, and seasonal decorations are all good candidates for garage overhead storage during the off-season. Storage bins may be maintained in overhead storage racks as well, however they should not be used to store apparel or textiles.


Combine objects that are similar in nature

The third of our garage overhead storage suggestions is to put related goods together, which is a simple, common sense rule that can be applied to any storage scenario.

The risks of misplacing objects are substantially reduced when they are stored strategically, and finding them is lot simpler. When it comes to discovering tiny objects, following this basic approach will be quite advantageous.

Make a list of everything you've saved

Labeling your belongings, in addition to having them grouped together, is another time-saving garage overhead storage tip. Labels should be regarded a must-have for storage containers, particularly if they all appear the same.

Small, difficult-to-find goods housed in containers will be much easier to locate with labels. Make sure your labels are legible and won't peel off in hot or cold weather.


Prepare your belongings for garage overhead storage in a professional manner

Any objects that might corrode, such as motorcycles, lawnmowers, and snowblowers, should be washed and dried before being stored in the garage overhead storage. Follow the manufacturer's storage maintenance recommendations for motorized equipment, such as changing the oil.

While you take the time to do this when storing your items at the end of the season, they will last longer.


Don't clog up your garage's ceiling storage space with unnecessary items

Calculate how helpful each thing will be when it is required again. Is that worn-out tent going to stand up for another camping trip? Is it really necessary to use that rake with the twisted tines?

In the spring and autumn, follow this advice. Garage clutter may be kept to a minimal by clearing away objects that have outlived their usefulness on a bimonthly basis. This increases the utility of your garage's rooftop storage space.

Leave the installation of garage overhead storage racks to a reputable specialist

Expertise is required when installing heavy-duty garage overhead storage racks. Suspended overhead racks must be securely fastened to your rafter or ceiling joists, and a wall-mounted tire rack must have a solid anchoring base.

That's why leaving the installation of customized racking in the garage to a professional is one of the garage overhead storage recommendations worth remembering.

Garage Living can expertly install your customized storage racking so that it is completely secure and capable of withstanding the large loads it will be subjected to. We can also advise you on what sizes and kinds of custom racking will work best in your garage.


Other clever storage options might be added to your garage above storage

Our additional smart storage options, in addition to an efficient overhead garage storage system, may give your garage even more functionality:

Freestanding industrial shelving racks that can handle your heavy-duty storage needs for items you need to have more accessible at ground level storage cabinets that increase your storage space and improve your garage's interior appearance slatwall panels with hanging accessories that let you use your garage walls for storage slatwall panels with hanging accessories that let you use your garage walls for storage slatwall panels with hanging accessories that let you use your garage walls for storage slatwall panels with hanging accessories that let you use your garage walls for storage

Even installing a decent garage lighting fixture might aid in finding stuff in overhead storage racks.