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How to Fix Your Squeaky, Noisy, or Banging Garage Door

Jan 9

When you open your garage door and closes it, is it making an audible sound? If your garage is regularly maintained and greased, the doors might grow noisy, and may eventually stop functioning. This is a fantastic way to keep your garage doors silent and prolong their lives. This helps improve the motion of the door and makes it much easier to open and close. Continue reading to learn how you can grease your garage door.


Checklist of Pre-Lubrication Maintenance


There are some essential routine maintenance tasks you need to do before oiling your Encinitas Garage Door Repair.


How can I make my garage door quieter?


Before you start looking for lubricant, here's a quick checklist:


  • Your door hinges and latches should be tightened. Make sure the bolts and nuts are tight but not too tight. It is also important to check worn parts and replace them if they are damaged.

  • Take a look at the rollers. Many rollers have sealed bearings that collect dirt and wear out as time passes. They can create a racket when the rollers stop working.

  • Check the hinges. The door may become loud when it is sagging hinges.

  • The garage door opener's chain should be secured. A loose chain will make sounds of slapping and the door can jerk around.

  • Once you have read these easy maintenance tips and your garage door is ready to be lubricated.


Lubricating a Garage Door The Step-by-Step Guide to Lubricating a Garage Door


Follow these directions to grease the garage doors:


  • Shut the garage door, and turn off the garage door opener's electrics (if you already have one).

  • To get rid of dirt and other debris clean the outside and inside of the tracks with an unsoaked cloth. Do not apply lubricants to the rollers since it makes them more difficult to move and makes the opener work more. If you're having trouble cleaning the tracks, you could try using an auto brake cleaner.

  • To join the track bend, unlock the door and then grease the hinges.

  • Clean the rollers thoroughly and also the tiny ball bearings inside each one. Clean any excess grease to stop the door from becoming unbalanced. Rollers made of nylon should not be oiled.

  • Lubricate bearing plates and springs on the top of the garage door. Open and close the garage door multiple times to evenly distribute the grease.

  • Lubricate the armbar and the lock to make it easier to lock the door by hand. Also, ensure that you oil the keyhole as in the large armbar located high up on the door.

  • Use a rag or rag to grease and spread the grease across the rail. It is not necessary to grease the chain as it already has lubrication by nature.


Garage Door Lubrication Recommendations in General


Lubricate your Encinitas Garage Door Repair every six months. This will not only extend the longevity of your door, but will also make it quieter. It is important to grease your door more often if you reside in an area with a harsh climate (for instance, close to the coast).


What is the ideal lubricant to use on garage doors?


Be sure to use the right lubricant for all weather conditions. Cold temperatures can cause oils to thicken and then become viscous. This makes closing and opening the door much more challenging. In colder conditions, it's crucial to keep the springs lubricated in your door. They can become fragile when they are exposed to low temperatures. They are more likely to snap or shatter which could be harmful and costly.


How to Select the Best Garage Door Lubricant

If you're wondering how to grease a garage door, the first step is to pick the right product.


  • Silicone sprays


To make sure that the spray stays contained, these items often come with a straw attachment. These attachments are useful for transferring lubricants to restricted areas. Silicone is durable and can stand up to a wide range of temperatures.


  • Lithium Grease in White


It can be slightly messy due to the fact that it's applied with a hand and not using an aerosol spray. However, this makes it easier to distribute it evenly. White lithium grease isn't corrosive and bonds well to metal as it is formed of soap and oil.

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